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Swat 3 Elite Edition PC Game Free Download Full Version

SWAT 3: Elite Edition is a first-person tactical police simulation. Live the life of an LAPD SWAT officer as you rescue hostages and dole out the justice in this action-packed tactical game. SWAT 3: CQB's twenty missions are set in Los Angeles in the year 2005. Various recognizable locations, such as LAX and the Convention Center, as well as LA's storm drains and entertainment centers, are some of the settings for the various missions. 
Missions are populated with a wide assortment of AI driven bad guys, ranging from fanatic fundamentalists and extremists, to international terrorists and disgruntled Joe-citizens. All have wrecked havoc on the City of Angels and her citizens by committing a deadly crime, giving CQB's pro-active SWAT team the authority to shoot at will. Of course, SWAT is a civil law enforcement agency and not a military unit, so laws still apply to them.


Screen Shots

Processor= Pentium II 300MHz
RAM= 128 MB
Graphics= 32 MB
Hard Drive: 550 MB

1. Mount image and run AUTOPLAY.exe.
2. Install game and enjoy.
Read Must: If your operating system is WINDOWS 7,8 OR SP3. then open "For Windows 7,8,SP3" folder and Copy all the movies and paste it to the    installation directory..(C:\Sierra\SWAT3) and replace it. After this open Xvid player and install it to your computer. because the new movie encoded of SWAT3 is play by this player.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Make Money With Adfly In Urdu 

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection HD (High Definition)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection Part (722)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection. Part (734)
133 JPG | 1680X1050 - 2560X1600 | 122 Mb
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Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection HD (High Definition)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection Part (722)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection. Part (737)
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Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection HD (High Definition)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection Part (722)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection. Part (740)
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Final Fight PC Game Full Version Free Download

INTRODUCTIONFinal Fight represents straightforward arcade brawling at its absolute best. That the entire arcade game now fits in your pocket is quite frankly insane
Final Fight is the best game ever made. If you don't agree with that statement, consider the following words: Bred, Andore Jr., G. Oriber, Edi E., Two P, and, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Metro-City Mayor Mike Haggar. These are some of the most unforgettable characters in gaming history, and they all appeared first in Final Fight. If you're still not impressed, then stop reading now--you won't appreciate Final Fight One, an almost perfect translation of the arcade original.
In case you're unfamiliar with the Final Fight legend, but were impressed by the list of characters and so are still reading, here's the deal: Final Fight is the seminal side-scrolling beat-'em up. Technically, Double Dragon may have come first, but Final Fight perfected the genre. Imagine Street Fighter if it wasn't designed for monocle-wearing fancy-lads--if it had a more meat-and-potatoes combat system, involved fighting a lot more than one enemy at a time, featured plenty of smashing barrels with your fist to see if there's any treasure or hunks of meat inside, and required a lot more walking to the right. And then imagine that not only can you punish the thugs by pile-driving them, but you can also make them cry by busting up their cars. Then stop imagining, because it's all contained in Final Fight.
The Game Boy Advance version is a little miracle. It's the best translation of the arcade game to date. First of all, it contains all six of the arcade levels, including the industrial area left out of the 1990 Super Nintendo translation. And unlike that version, Final Fight One features all three of the original characters--the all-arounder Cody, the beefy Haggar, and the agile Guy. More importantly, it permits two people to play cooperatively using two systems and a link cable. Even more importantly, the two-player mode works great and doesn't slow down when there's a lot of activity onscreen, which is pretty much all the time because that's how the people who play Final Fight like it.
Unfortunately, the translation isn't completely perfect. For some reason, the two female punks, Roxy and Poison, have been replaced by generic male punks. This was true of the SNES version as well, but that hardly excuses it. There are also some small graphical changes--the arcade's flickering fluorescent light effect is gone as are a few background animations. The game's soundtrack suffers somewhat in translation too.
There are five difficulty options ranging from very easy to very hard. You're allotted a limited number of continues, but unlike in the arcade and SNES versions, progress is saved after every level. One mildly annoying feature is that the two-player mode gives you unlimited retries with no option to restrict the number of continues. Of course, you can simply decide to permit only a certain number of retries, but seriously, everyone knows those kinds of honorable resolutions never last very long.
Perhaps to make up for the small ways in which Final Fight One deviates from its arcade inspiration, a few bonuses have been included. There are now some small cutscenes before each of the boss battles. It's not a huge thing, but they do include some excellent new tough-guy dialogue such as "Shut your mouth up! Get Ready!" There's also a point system that unlocks a series of bonuses. None of the bonuses amount to much, however. There's nothing even as good as, say, a portrait gallery. About the best bonus is an option to make Guy and Cody wear their Street Fighter Alpha clothes. The rest are all along the lines of extra lives, a level select, and other pretty mundane rewards.
Still, the great thing about Final Fight is that it's a timeless game. Whether it's your first time through the game or your seven hundredth, shoulder-tossing one punk into a group of his oncoming friends remains a thrilling experience. It may not be deep in the Virtua Fighter smarty-pants sense, but it is deeply satisfying. Final Fight represents straightforward arcade brawling at its absolute best. That the entire arcade game now fits in your pocket is quite frankly insane.

Screen Shots

                                       Processor= 233MHz
                                RAM= 64MB
                                Graphics= 16MB
 Download Game
 Press "O" and "K" for game Start


Melty Blood Act Cadenza full and Free Download

INTRODUCTIONMelty Blood Act Cadenza was the first arcade port of the series and was published by Ecole Software. The visual novel was removed, but the Arcade Mode dialogue featured in Re ACT returns. It completely revamped Aoko Aozaki's movelist for use as a playable character, and introduced Kouma Kishima into the series, a man who was deeply involved in Shiki Tohno's past. It also introduced the Shielding mechanic (separate from EX-Shielding), as well as included various changes to the properties of characters. This version (as well as the later released Ver. A) can be identified by the Atlasia crest, and the phrase "Through the Looking Glass, Black Light transparently", both present in the logo.
Melty Blood Act Cadenza, released for the PlayStation 2 and PC, was unique as a port in that it included an option to revert to Version A mechanics, yet introduced significant changes that were later included in ver.B, including an early version of Neco Arc Chaos as a hidden character. It is sometimes known as Ver. A2.
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B is an arcade port of the PS2 game with various changes and upgrades, the most notable of which is the inclusion of White Len as a playable character, with a significantly weakened moveset. It also introduced a fifth button that served as a contextual action depending on the situation and the direction held on the joystick when pressed, such as dodging or throwing. This version can be identified by a dual silhouette of Len and White Len in the logo and the phrase "Through the Looking Glass, Northern Light transparently".
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B2 is a Windows PC port of the arcade Ver. B. It has added features including tag team mode, a 4 player team battle mode, a programmable dummy for training purposes and a new hidden boss character, Neco-Arc Chaos Black G666(replacing G-Akiha from Melty Blood: Re-ACT). It also included subtle gameplay changes, most notably altered defense ratings for characters and adjustments to the game's input system. It was released on July 27, 2007.

Screen Shots


                              System= Pentium 3 550 MHz
                              RAM= 128MB
                              Video Memory= 32MB
                              Size= 402MB

WWE RAW Judgement Day Total Edition PC Game

INTRODUCTION"With 2002's WWE Raw PC being the only viable Wrestling PC game around, the game filled a void for many players who could now have a real wrestling PC game. but that void lasted for six years, although there was many mods coming out, there was not yet a FULL conversion of the entire game, (WWE Raw: Ultimate Edition was aiming for this but was never released).
But finally, it's here; WWE RAW: Total Edition, the first full conversion of WWE RAW for PC, team members have worked long and hard to fully convert the entire game with only their RAW modding knowledge, with the patch changing everything from the main things like roster and arena to everything else like T-shirts in CAW mode. In turning a game with an outdated roster and extremely unplayable system into a game that is actually playable, Total Edition dosen't fail to deliver.
  • Wage war with the top WWE Superstars modeled in amazing detail
  • For the first time ever, assault opponents on their way to the ring
  • Watch the audience scatter as the action spills into the crowd
  • Battle in more than 10 backstage areas
  • Create the ultimate WWE Superstar
  • WWE style presentation with in-game cut scenes and ?Double Feature? replay
  • Unique and strategic fighting system
  • Advanced fighting engine from the creators of Ultimate Fighting Championships (Anchor).
  • Variety of match types including Royal Rumble and KING of the RING
Screen Shots

Processor= 1.0 GHz
RAM= 256MB
Graphics Card= 32MB


The King of Fighters Collection PC Game Full and Free Download

INTRODUCTIONThe King of Fighters officially abbreviated KOF, is a series of fighting games by SNK Playmore (formerly SNK). The series was originally developed for SNK's Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware, which served as the main platform for the series until 2004, when SNK retired the MVS in favor of the Atomiswave arcade board. Only two King of Fighters games were made on the Atomiswave platform (The King of Fighters Neowave and The King of Fighters XI) before SNK decided to discontinue using the platform for the series. The current arcade hardware for the series is the Taito Type X2, with its first usage coming with the release of The King of Fighters XII. Ports of the arcade games and original The King of Fighters games have been released for several video games consoles.
The first game in the series, The King of Fighters '94, was released by SNK on August 25, 1994. The game featured characters from SNK's previous fighting game series Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, as well as original characters (including characters from older games such as Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier, adapted for a versus fighting game). The success of the game led SNK to release yearly installments of the series and numbered the games for the year they were released. The King of Fighters '95 was released on July 25, 1995, with several ports being released the next year. In addition to adding new characters, this game also began the first story arc of the series titled "The Orochi Saga". KOF '95 was also the first game in the series that allowed the players to create their own team of three members, out of any character in the game. The King of Fighters '96, released on July 30, 1996, establishes the second part of "The Orochi Saga" and replaced the character sprites from the previous two years with newly drawn ones, improving the gameplay of the series as well. Depending on the playable characters in a team, an exclusive ending will be played. The King of Fighters '97, released on July 28, 1997, concluded "The Orochi Saga" story arc. The King of Fighters '98 was released on July 23, 1998, and unlike the previous games of the series, it did not feature a story. Instead, the game was promoted as a "Dream Match" game that allowed players to choose most of the characters available from the previous titles, including ones that were supposedly dead. SNK refitted the Dreamcast version and renamed it The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 with an extended cel animated introduction and 3D backgrounds.
On July 22, 1999, The King of Fighters '99 was released, which introduced a new story arc known as "The NESTS Chronicles". The game introduces several new characters into the series, as well as the rule of a fourth member being added to each team and that a new tactic is introduced in this game as well. The tactic would be that a specific person from a team would be an assistant called a "Striker" and that this person would be able to aid the team for a few seconds in combat. The Dreamcast version was titled The King of Fighters: Evolution, with several improvements in the game such as new strikers and better animation. The King of Fighters 2000 was released on July 26, 2000, and is the second part of "The NESTS Chronicles". It adds a few new playable characters and a couple of Strikers (most of them being from previous KOF titles and other SNK titles as well such as Metal Slug and Kizuna Encounter). The King of Fighters 2001 was released on November 15, 2001, and ends the second story arc. Due to economic problems that SNK had at the time, the Korean company Eolith helped in the development of the game. The King of Fighters 2002, released on October 10, 2002, was created to reunite old characters from previous KOF games and featured no story, similar to KOF '98. It was also developed by Eolith.

The King of Fighters Game Collection List
The King of Fighter 94
The King of Fighter 95
The King of Fighter 97
The King of Fighter 98
The King of Fighter 99
The King of Fighter 2000

Screen Shots


                            Processor= 500MHz
                            RAM= 128MB
                            Graphics= 32MB




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